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ADB's Focus on Agriculture and Food Security

In the Spotlight

  • Hunger and malnutrition were an increasing problem worldwide before the pandemic. Restrictions imposed to curb disease spread have disrupted local and international food supply chains, making the problem even more urgent.

  • With the impacts of the pandemic on food and nutrition being felt around the region, planning is needed to avoid higher food prices, decreased nutrition and reduced food security.

  • Emergency COVID-19 Food Supply Program Launched in the Philippines' Capital

    ADB and the Government of the Philippines have launched?an emergency food provision program?following the approval of the $5 million Rapid Emergency Supplies Provision technical assistance program. The grant is implemented under the name Bayan Bayanihan, a well-known Filipino principle of sharing what one has with one’s community.

  • Not only is Central Asia a center of origin, it is a recognized global diversity hotspot. More than 8000 plant species grow in five members of the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) alone.?How does one take advantage of this enormous supply opportunity? One obvious answer is to?sell these products abroad. This means ensuring they are acceptable in foreign markets.

Two-thirds of the world’s one billion hungry reside in Asia and the Pacific. Rising food prices are bringing the specter of food shortages and undernutrition to millions more of the region’s poor.

Supplying growing populations with adequate and affordable food is a major challenge, requiring massive investments in food distribution, storage, and marketing facilities.

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